Retail & Commercial

Virgin Hotel

Dallas, TX

145,000 sq. ft hospitality venue

The Virgin Hotel is a staple of the Dallas Design District, featuring more than 260 guest rooms and two penthouses, along with top-of-class pool and gym facilities. It also features the popular Funny Library coffee shop where visitors can relax in picturesque ambience, and a flagship restaurant and bar lounge, the Commons Club. The hotel is surrounded by wide-ranging art galleries and numerous upmarket restaurants and shops. Staxmatic designed the HVAC system for the facility, installing a VRF system for maximum energy savings.

Nightshot of gorgeous virgin hotel


VRF system

A VRF system uses variable refrigerant flow to provide heating and cooling to a variety of spaces as needed. It’s optimal for facilities like hotels, where there are large lobbies and entertainment rooms, along with individual guest rooms that require personalized control.

Optimal Energy Efficiency

The VRF system in the Virgin Hotel is designed with compressors that provide heating or cooling at varying levels, without the need for costly air handlers or inefficient ductwork.

Unmatched Versatility

This gives both the building manager and individual guests unparalleled control over their respective hotel environments.

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