Retail & Commercial

Marriott Uptown

Dallas, TX

193,000 sq. ft hospitality high-rise

The Marriott Uptown is an upscale, 14-floor hotel situated in the heart of Dallas. A landmark of the popular Uptown neighborhood, the Marriott is home to high-end brasserie restaurant Good Graces and the Starbucks-powered Vicinity Coffee. It hosts more than 250 rooms and boasts a spacious parking garage. Staxmatic’s contractors partnered with Andres Construction to develop the Marriott’s HVAC system.

Concept drawing of Marriott Uptown hotel


VRF System

Staxmatic installed a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) cooling system to supply AC and heat to the numerous guest rooms and open spaces in the hotel.

A High Capacity, Versatile System

The Marriott’s VRF system provides individual heating and cooling for each room in the hotel, small or large.

Energy Efficiency

A VRF system’s compressor design allows the system’s motors to operate at varying levels of strength, depending on the needs of the space. Some rooms can be cooler; other can be warmer. This saves a tremendous amount of energy for multi-room facilities like hotels.

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