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Staxmatic specializes in mechanical design, installation, and service in nearly every industry. With a robust portfolio of experience working on education, healthcare, public assembly buildings, and more, our contractors add incredible value to your current commercial facility or new construction project.

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Efficient Mechanical Design in Industrial Manufacturing

Numerous industries depend on well-designed manufacturing facilities. From pharmaceuticals to food processing; from parts manufacturing to growth and cultivation, Staxmatic has you covered. We design expert builds and provide quality maintenance for every kind of factory, plant, and production line.

How Can I Get Efficient
Cooling for Factories?

Manufacturing facilities rely on efficient temperature control. A quality cooling system also maintains appropriate air pressure and flow to ensure product quality—especially with food and pharmaceuticals. This can be accomplished through automated sensors and smart mechanical design. Because of the high heat output of manufacturing machinery, the HVAC system should work so air can migrate up the production line, with lowest air pressure at the earliest stages of assembly.

How Does Quality Plumbing
Support Manufacturing?

Plumbing in manufacturing facilities requires careful specification of materials and design. In many facilities, pipes not only carry water, but also transport fluid products like solvents, slurries, or gases. Regular replacement and maintenance are essential to operation, so Staxmatic’s design team makes sure parts are easily accessible and interchangeable.

Leaders in Industrial
Mechanical and Plumbing

For all your design, construction, installation, and maintenance needs, trust Staxmatic to deliver. Specializing in HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration for all types of manufacturing facilities, we’re here to protect your product while lowering your utility bill, all at a competitive price. Call us today to schedule a consultation, or dial our 24/7 hotline for emergency service.

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