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Staxmatic specializes in mechanical design, installation, and service in nearly every industry. With a robust portfolio of experience working on education, healthcare, public assembly buildings, and more, our contractors add incredible value to your current commercial facility or new construction project.

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Planning The Development of A Science Facility

Science facilities require a high degree of precision to operate safely and effectively. This is particularly true when it comes to life sciences, where teams deal with biological matter and hazardous substances on a daily basis. Appropriate temperature, ventilation, drainage, and refrigeration are all factors a laboratory or research center need to take under consideration. Staxmatic works to plan out the scope of these facilities, owning design, engineering, and maintenance at every stage of your operation.

How Do Science Facilities
Receive Good Ventilation?

When working with potentially contagious pathogens, radioisotopes, or dangerous gases, it’s important to have numerous redundant protocols in place to prevent cross-contamination. Laboratories should be built with purge systems capable of exhausting fumes or compromised air. Staxmatic technicians install fume hoods, containment methods, and vents that bring in plenty of outside air when a section of the facility needs to be flushed. Typically, we build purge systems apart from the building’s main HVAC. This saves energy and cost—the high flow machinery remains on standby except for limited situations. We also design lab HVAC builds with humidity levels, low-temperature needs, and pressure dynamics in mind.

Good Engineering
Makes Laboratories Safer

One of the most important considerations in lab and pharmaceutical building construction is the development of appropriate water transport and waste disposal systems. Staxmatic uses unique materials for drainage and water distribution systems in labs, factoring in pH monitoring and acid/base neutralization, chemical sterilization, and filtering mechanisms like deionization and reverse osmosis. Another of our specializations is designing refrigeration systems for temperature-sensitive chemicals and biological matter. With experience designing custom arrays to suit all types of space constraints, we exist as an expert partner and guide throughout the full lifecycle of your facility.

Expert Construction and Maintenance
for Research, Hospitals, and Labs

For all your needs as a research facility, health service complex, or laboratory, Staxmatic brings seasoned experience and vast industry knowledge to support your design-build or spec-bid project. Call us today for a consultation on your new construction, or reach out to have your equipment replaced, reinstalled, or serviced.

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