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Staxmatic specializes in mechanical design, installation, and service in nearly every industry. With a robust portfolio of experience working on education, healthcare, public assembly buildings, and more, our contractors add incredible value to your current commercial facility or new construction project.

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Entertainment and Hospitality: Unique Needs for Mechanical Construction

The hospitality industry includes a broad range of establishments such as hotels, ski resorts, cafés, theaters, restaurants, and arcades. Many of these facilities consume a tremendous amount of energy, gas, and water, making operating costs a chief consideration for designing or refurbishing equipment. Staxmatic’s reputation in the Dallas, TX and Denver, CO markets has established us an industry leader in service, repair, and construction projects for many of these facilities. Connect with us to learn more about how to give your guests an incredible experience.

How Should Hotels Design
Their Mechanical Systems?

In guest service facilities like hotels, allowing guests to regulate the temperature in their private rooms is one of the chief concerns. Contractors typically install packaged terminal air conditioners or similar decentralized units. These cost-effective devices are easy to maintain and give guests control over their own space. Plumbing considerations include supplying adequate water to kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry machines, as well as installing this important machinery in a way that allows for easy access and maintenance.

What Should Kitchen HVAC Look Like?

Commercial and retail plumbing systems are highly specialized, using industrial-grade components that can handle a higher volume of water compared to residential structures. Some of these spaces may be more complex to design than others—for example, an office building needs less specialized piping compared to grocery stores or other food service facilities. Perishable storage must also have adequate refrigeration to keep your products from spoiling, warping, or becoming damaged. It takes an expert to understand the balance between maximizing space, product visibility, energy efficiency, and customer comfort. As a trustworthy contractor, Staxmatic is here to help you think through the design, engineering, construction, and regular maintenance phases of your project so you can optimize every aspect of your business. We also refurbish and improve existing equipment, using updated components to lower your water and energy bills.

How Often Should Hospitality
Facilities Be Serviced?

Reach out to Staxmatic for all your commercial construction and mechanical service needs. Our technicians support you across the full lifecycle of your equipment, taking on all the heavy lifting from design to maintenance. That way, you never have to worry about the customer’s experience—or your cost of overhead. Call to schedule a consultation. If you need immediate assistance with a leak or malfunction, our 24/7 emergency line is always open.

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